Children's Poetry and Stories by Poet Terry

Original poetry and stories for children and their parents.  Peace and goodwill from Terry.

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With great sadness I must inform you that Poet Terry passed away, after a long and painful illness, on Sunday November 30, 2003. He is now at peace, the suffering and pain have gone, and I hope he is in a place of hope and contentment, where he may continue with his love of writing poetry.  Poet Terry's webmaster, Alan Seymour.

A Children's Story by Poet Terry

The Pink Mouse

Pink Mouse lived in the Toyland Warren, and many other creatures lived there too. Pink Mouse loved to be adventurous and have lots of fun. He had a very special friend. This friend was called Squirrel, but there were very many other friends who lived there too, and they all loved to play. Among these friends was Philbert Frog, he simply liked to hop all over the place. Gertrude the Goose also tried to hop, but she could only waddle.

One day while out on a short adventure, Pink Mouse came upon Woody, a little wood louse, all rolled up in a tight little ball, "Why are you rolled up in a ball," he asked. "Trying to fend off an attack from those red ants," Woody replied, "Oh! I shall ask Gertrude to chase them away for you," said Pink Mouse. He asked Gertrude if she would do that, and Gertrude replied, "I will do that and many other things for my friends."

With the ants gone, Woody the Louse unrolled and was very happy, then there was a thud, thud, thud, and who do you think appeared? Yes, it was Rachel Rabbit. "Can we all play some games," she asked. "Of course we can," was the reply. Suddenly the warren was alive with fun and laughter, and everyone enjoyed the playtime. Many other friends came to call upon them and had joined in the fun. Later when they had all finished playing, it was decide to go off to bed for the night, looking forward to another day. Good night and God bless everyone.

The House Mouse

A little mouse ran through the house,
Looking for some food.
He met the cat who was very, very rude.
The cat said to the little mouse,
"I will have to eat you,
To stop you running through the house."
This amazed the tiny mouse,
He felt the cat was crude,
As indeed he always was,
This had happened all his life,
Ever since the cat was boss.
The mouse bought a little dog,
To chase the cat away,
And he lived happily,
Up to this very day.

Baldy The Hedgehog

A hedgehog chasing snails,
Ran into a garden fire,
He burnt all of his prickles off,
Now known as the bald hedgehog toff.

He runs through the grounds silently,
There never is a rustle,
And all because with a fire,
He simply had a tussle.

Rosie Lee

Little Rosie Lee,
Asked Peter round for tea,
Well Peter did not come,
For he stayed at home with mom.

Well she really got upset,
So the next time they met,
She threw cold tea all over him,
Now little Peter is soaking wet.

Now that he is wet,
And moaning I would bet,
In the future he will go,
And his answer will nor be no.

Willie Weasel

Willie Weasel, he was lost,
In the long, long grass,
Like a ship all at sea,
What will he ever do?

Well he will wait,
For Tommy Toad,
To show him back,
Back to the road.

So Still

In the still of the night,
Not a song from a bird,
Yet there is the croak,
Of a very disturbed frog.

The fish in the pond play and swim,
'Tis much safer for them now,
A glistening moon shines down,
To give life to the night.

Far off the hoot of an owl,
As he catches his long awaited meal,
Slowly the hedgehog roams about,
Wanting to play with the snails.

In the stillness of the night,
Time moves slowly toward morning,
The heralding day soon to begin,
And too soon the stillness has gone.

Love From A Mothers Child

A mothers dream is to be so very kind,
That is why you dear mother are on my mind,
You taught me right from all the wrong,
You gave me strength to carry on.

So on this very special day,
I just have this to say,
Thank you for all you did,
From your ever loving kid.

I Love you!
I Love you!
I Love you!
I Love you!

Mother In My Eyes

Another year, another day,
For you dear mother I must say,
So very nice that you are my mom,
You never ruled by rule of thumb.

For being so loving and very kind,
You planted love and feeling in my mind,
And should I grow the same as you,
Loving and kind and really true.

Then all you did would have been worthwhile,
Teaching me how to live my life with a smile,
Please have a real wonderful day,
For with this message I will say, I love you

The Lark

High in the sky soars a lark,
Only at day, never at night,
Looks down to see the insects below,
I am sure in his eyes there is some kind of glow.

His brain tells him food,
Something to eat,
All big and juicy,
And some perfect treat.

After the food he gets down to rest,
Spending some time with his spouse in the nest,
Then time once again to take to the sky,
Day after day, that's how he gets by.


After rain come rainbows,
To brighten up the sky.
Answer me this question,
Have you ever wondered why?

After storm there is the calm,
Do you wonder why?
These things can cause harm,
Like lightening in the sky.

Nature can be marvelous,
Do you wonder why?
And people can be frivolous,
With the bye and bye.

We all take things for granted,
Which we never ought to do.
And those things we take for granted,
Are part of life for me and you.


Snuggling up really tight,
Helps keep out the winters night,
Simply trying to be warm,
Not wanting any kind of harm.

A kiss a hug for a friend,
Not to borrow, not to lend,
Given freely, and mean it too,
This is all you need to do.


Misty on the moors,
I would rather stay indoors,
Keeping warm by the fire,
So I do not expire.

I do not mind the sleet and rain,
Prefer the sun when it comes again,
Bright days with clear blue sky,
This gives no rise to wonder why.

Do Not Kill

Little Freddy was a frog,
Little Fido was a dog,
Little Tiger was a cat,
I hope you children all like that.

Most animals are friendly too,
All of them are in a zoo,
But you cannot trust everyone of these,
And there are some that give you fleas.

Then there are pigs and elephants,
Lions and kangaroo,
Even tiny little mice,
That cuddle up to you.

So if you go to visit them,
And find that this is fun,
Never take to hunting them,
Like a hunter with his gun.

Know and preserve life for what it is worth,
Keep these creatures safe on this our Earth.

Just Christmas

Hark the bells from his sleigh,
As Santa comes to bring the toys,
For all the little Girls and boys,
Once more on Christmas day.

He started as a dream,
When we were very small,
And the only time that he visits,
Is each winter, but never in the Fall.

Yet he will also pass us by,
If we are not good,
So we must be good girls and boys,
And do all those things we should.

Now let us rejoice in Christmas,
And try to keep our dream,
And not forgetting religion,
For it helps to keep us keen.

Think of the other Children,
Through out this war torn world,
And think that with out Santa Claus,
This story would be untold.


Who is Santa to the girls and boys,
He is the Old chap who brings us toys,
His suit is red and the sky is quite bright,
When he comes to us before Christmas night.

He guides those reindeer,
Through the great big sky,
To bring us presents,
And that is why we love him.

A childhood dream,
One to be held forever,
And to the children,
All so very real

Time To Rest

Christmas now is past,
Santa has gone to rest,
While he waits the whole year through,
Before once more he visits me and you.

This old man all in red,
Lives for ever, will never be dead,
He helps the children learn to grow,
For on their faces he puts a glow.

The joy and happiness he does bring,
Puts in all hearts a special zing,
Oh! We love Santa yes we do,
A sweet old man and that is true.

Another year to wait for him to call,
Thinking of next years presents,
And that is not all,
I for one will not forget.

So thank you Santa,
For all you have given,
To the girls and boys,
And especially the toys.

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