Love Poems by Poet Terry Emmins

Here are some of my original love poems and poetry for your enjoyment.
This page is dedicated with my love to my Princess Vilie. Love shall rule, Poet Terry.

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With great sadness I must inform you that Poet Terry passed away, after a long and painful illness, on Sunday November 30, 2003. He is now at peace, the suffering and pain have gone, and I hope he is in a place of hope and contentment, where he may continue with his love of writing poetry.  Poet Terry's webmaster, Alan Seymour.

The Loving Kind

Loving someone such as you,
Is really what I like to do,
Hugging kissing holding your hand,
Makes this life so really grand.

Although we are many miles apart,
You are still there Princess, in my heart,
And as every day goes on by,
I miss you my Darling Vi.

But soon you shall be here once again,
By then it could be snow, or even rain,
Whatever it may be, you my darling,
Will be here once more with me.

Have no fear you are my life,
And will be for ever more,
For as the days roll gently by,
I love you more my darling Vi.

My Flying Princess

Have a journey of delight,
When you fly to me tonight,
Think of all nice things you need,
Then you shall travel with Gods speed.

Time now is getting shorter,
As I think of really how,
We will be, when we meet,
Hugging kissing just to greet.

From the Airport on to home,
Then one whole month before you roam,
We shall find lots and lots to do,
You loving me, me loving you.

Excitement like a great big kid,
Is some kind of feeling that canít be hid,
My head is simply in a whirl,
Waiting for my loving girl.

When you arrive, tomorrow morn,
It will bring a new found dawn,
The sun will shine, high in the sky,
And people may hear my sudden cry.

Hello my Princess I shall shout,
The noise will simply knock folks out,
But do I care, no not I,
For at last my Princess Vi.

Love Of My Life

Fly my darling, fly to me,
When you arrive, you shall see,
That this man who loves you so,
Will hold you tight, not to let you go.

A month is all we have to share,
The love we have, and loving care,
Then quite a while in-between,
Once again, before you are seen.

Unless a miracle transpires for you and I,
And I can travel back home with my Vi,
So let us pray that something good arises,
If we should leave it to Gods devices.

Yet when one looks around they see,
Many others much worse off than me,
I thank this life that I was given to live,
For just for you darling, lots of love to give.

Give it I shall, just rest assured,
Like a boat that is securely moored,
My love is tied just to you,
The nicest thing that one could do.

Loveliness within itself 'tis you,
And thankful me,
For I have your love too,
Which fills my heart with glee.

Coming Home

Flying here to me from afar,
Like a bee inside a jar,
Busy buzzing round and round,
Once those feet are off the ground.

Traveling from there in Canada,
On a seven hour flight,
Coming here to England,
For me a wondrous sight.

When you touch down,
And enter into that Airport,
My tears will start to flow,
Like many things in the past.

And not always kind of slow,
Hurrying through the incoming gate,
Customs checking through your bags,
To just see what you owe.

Finding nothing that you have hid,
Then looking sheepish as a kid,
Giving you the all clear,
Then you are at my side my dear.

Just pure love is what we have got,
While all those others they have not,
Then one month from then,
You will be gone once again.

Sight And Sense Apart

The blindness of those who have sight,
Is lacking for sense of reason so to speak,
They see nothing either day or night,
Even when they decide to peek.

Losing sense of all things right,
Even when in bright, bright light,
Nothing like the darkness of this kind,
Nothing like no sense in mind.

If only there was a type of feeling,
That could speak and say wrong,
Once more, then they could be forgiven,
But just being mean, no not for sure.

In Trouble Again

Here I sit and do reply,
This is for you Princess Vi,
I just have to say this,
Am I forgiven with a kiss?

Or could it be I must be given,
The Villie scold, or not forgiven?
Maybe one day, I could be right,
But for now I canít see light.

The vibes I seem to get,
Is that I am no longer Villieís pet,
So I shall now go to sulk,
May get angry like the Hulk.

But I am sure I can resist,
The strains of love and heavenly bliss,
Yet if I should fall along the way,
Could I survive another day?

My Lady

The lady that is in my heart,
Loves going out to dinner,
A real stunning kind of girl,
A truly absolute winner.

She still has a little moan,
By saying that she is fat,
Yet I do not care,
For I love her and that is that.

A real darling in disguise,
She makes out that life is no surprise,
But I can see through her guise,
For I am not a fool.

I so love this darling girl,
For she is surely cool.
She exudes love, and real warmth,
And it belongs to me.

I am so thankful that she is mine,
This lady who is so kind.
And now that we are a "we",
It fills my heart with glee.

Blissful Loving

Seven days yet to go, and darling girl I want you to know,
When I arrive at your side, there will not be sadness to hide.
For I shall be so full of glee, you will wonder if itís me,
The happiest man on this earth, just loving you for all I am worth.

That missing feeling will be gone, and the loving will carry on,
Hugs and kisses by the score, and if you wish, there shall be more.
I am only sad while here, but when with you, I am full of cheer,
That is why I must return, for it is you, darling that makes my heart yearn.

It gives me the feeling of how love is meant to be,
Loving you and you loving me.
And later, as time slips by, leaving you, time to cry,
Coming back to this place, and leaving my loving mate.

What I wish for most in our life, is just pure bliss, no strife,
I want us to enjoy life, and love to the full.
Just so perfect is our love, the nicest love that is,
And should we ever veer from this, there shall cease the perfect bliss.

Can You See Me When You Hear?

At times one cannot see, or maybe even hear,
And somehow, I believe, that this is you my dear.
Take time from your book, take notice when you look,
If a little tear, makes you sad, be happy you can hear.

Now darling lady that I so love,
Give your brain a little shove,
Put gray matter into gear,
Then you will see and also hear.

Do not be so quick to jump,
For this may give me the hump,
Never mind about all this,
For loving you is pure sweet bliss.


To give forth love, the way you do,
Makes me just love you too,
So think before you destroy,
And keep these poems from this old boy.

I send all of these with my love,
And mean these words I say,
So keep these things very safe,
and do not throw them away.

Even if they fill your book,
Then buy another one,
And I will send you many more,
If you do not destroy.

So think before you leap,
Is the moral here,
For if you cast off one more,
I shall have to shed a tear.

Lost Forever

My Lady loved a poet type,
But never saved his verse,
Well once she did, and does not now,
So thatís what makes it worse.
If she really liked his work,
She would have made the effort,
Bought another book or two,
And duty should not shirk.
She cannot like the poetry that I send,
That really is not like a friend,
She just throws it all away,
And that makes me only say, redeem yourself,
Keep my poetry on a shelf, donít throw it all away...

A Sorrowful Ditty To My Pretty

Oh how I love my girl, the real pain in the arse,
Who destroys my poems, just willy-nilly
No thought for my feelings whatsoever, but I suppose that
This is what is called "being a couple", two people working together,
One writing poetry, and of course the other, just destroying the
Works of a real live genius.
I just happen to think, that I should take up needle work,
And then I suppose, that she would even be bitching about my stitching.
And if I were to knit, how could I pull the wool over her eyes,
For even if I were to sew, I am sure that that would have to go.
All I have left is the working of wood, and I suppose she would stop
That if she could. So is there a way that I may win,
For I still tend to live in sin. Alas poor one legged me, lost his poems,
And worst of all, to one of the garden gnomes.
So I will away and weep, for the her my poems to keep.
Now perhaps the witch will get the stitch through laughing -
Moan, moan bloody moan...

So Many Ways To Love You

There are a thousand ways to love you, Princess
And this is so very very true, for you are pleasing too,
The easiest of persons, my sweet, one that is you,
So to me there is no alternative to our success.

Of me you worry at all times, and give my heart
Very many palpitations, but that is fine by me,
For Darling I have noticed this from the start
See how happy it makes me, and fills me with glee.

Am I so deserving of this love that you do bestow
Upon this sometimes ugly head, which gives me a glow
Darling in return for this love, I will really try to learn
Giving you the feeling, that for me you yearn.......

You are the special lady in my life, 'tis so true
I should simply hate to ever lose you
A promise from this tongue I give to you
This at times ugly fellow, will always love just you.

A Smile So Missed

Darling I miss you,
I miss you so much,
I shall be happy to
Feel and to touch.

And to espy that smile
On your pretty face,
To have and to hold you
With wondrous grace.

Soon you arrive then
It starts over again
And you being near me
I shall not have pain.

But come the time
When you have to return
That love that we shared
Was well worth the learn.

Yes there will be tears
Of this I am sure
But after a while
We will meet once more.

My Love For You

Beautiful thoughts go through my head,
And they are all of you,
The thoughts that we will ever be just one,
Through anger, tears and woe.

We want no tears to cry, or anger,
And even woe, but if there is then it will have to go.
Many people argue, and many people split,
But I want to keep on loving you.

The story of utopia, and the story of pure love,
Is the ultimate in this life that is given from above.
So let us love each other, through those years that we have left,
And never let us look back, as if love is bereft.

Many years lie ahead, and many years to come,
Many years to hug and kiss,
I will always love you, throughout the years that are left,
So have no fear of losing it, for it will just be there.

Love Expressed

To walk, talk and hold your hand,
These are the things I understand,
A little hug, also a kiss,
These are also the things I miss.

To walk, and even talk with you,
These are those other things I so love to do;
Looking deep into those eyes,
And seeing all the thoughts good and wise.

Making plans we wish to work,
responsibilities not to shirk,
Finding out that love is grand,
By hugging and the holding hands.

Spending lots of time together,
In story climes, or sunny weather,
These are things, I love to do,
But my princess, most of all, is loving you.


Loving you is easy,
For the way that you behave,
That is why I love you,
from way back then until the grave.

But all that comes in between,
Is just sheer perfect love,
And I do so believe,
That it is sent from above.

If other people had this love,
That you do give to me,
Then they would know such happiness,
Just the same as you give to me.

Why canít others have love like this,
And have a girl like you,
Just as long as it is someone else,
Then that will have to do.

I just would not share you,
For you are my one true love,
Just keep yourself for me,
And then you will find my love for you is free.

I love to tease and please you,
Almost every day,
This helps to keep our love alive,
In the nicest kind of way.

And I so love to hug and kiss you,
It is pleasure I derive,
And the nicest thing about all of this,
Is just to feel alive.

Walking some while hand in hand,
And feeling so content,
The time that we are together,
Is really heaven sent.

I know how much you return my love,
And that is treble fold,
But I wish that we were getting younger,
Instead of growing old.

The hope we have,
Is for many years to come,
And just to go on loving,
Each other like how itís all been done.

It is like beauty and the beast,
And me as second part,
But the wonder of it all,
Is you are my very own sweetheart.

Some Verses for Valentine's Day

Each year I want to be your Valentine,
And here is hoping you want to be mine,
I love you from a view so far,
For that is the mystery and there you are.
Be my Valentine.

Twelve months have past,
And it is Valentine's Day again,
Weathered the sun, the snow, also the cold old rain,
And I ask you, please be my Valentine.

Like a birthday, Valentine's come once a year,
So will you be my Valentine, my dear?

Two hearts entwine,
Simply Valentine.

A Vow For My Princess

When we are this far away,
It makes for me a dreamy day.
I dream that we shall be together,
Like we were then, and now forever.

In my heart, you hold first place,
The one true love in the human race,
You give to me tender love, and care,
Thank you Princess for being there.

Kisses sweet, from those tender lips,
The niceties of all those quips.
The fun, the smile, that you give out
Is truly what life is all about.

You satisfy my every being,
My world is now complete.
To have you my sweet Princess,
Just loving me, that's neat.

And now you may have this vow,
This love is for ever, and not just for now.
Princess you are the world to me,
I just want the whole bunch to see.

And if they should throw a little fit,
Who cares, Not I, for that is it,
'Tis you I love, the loving girl,
That is why my heart is in a whirl.

Love - The Word

Is the word LOVE just a word,
Or is it something that need be heard?
Should it be said to the one you love,
Like the bill and coo of a turtle dove?

Our need to love is very strong,
Much nicer as love travels on,
It gives pleasure to the one you love,
All given to us from God above.

This Love

What is this thing called love,
Is it something very rare sent from the heavens above,
Or is it a natural thing that needs a little shove?
Could we do without it, I am not really sure,
But once you have found it, you want it more and more.


To feel this love I have for you
So very strong, so very true.
I love you more every day
Just stays with me, will not go away.

Love You

Romantic thoughts go through my mind
Why? Because you are the loving kind.
You are perfect in every way.
I love you true, that is all I can say.

The Goodness In A Day

A lovely bright morning to awaken for,
Much nicer this new day, than the one before,
So now to face the things in general life,
And along the way some kind of strife.

But being together, we face what each days brings forth,
Pulling just one way, the only way to go,
And having you at my side. is perfect don't you know,
So darling please stay at my side. as each day decides to dawn.

Waking up to pleasures such as this, brighten up the morn,
To love a person such as you, I feel so proud, never blue,
So this I say with hand on my heart,
I wish that we do not ever drift apart.

This day has pleased me, I feel right, by loving you,
And if these days are dull, in kind, that never ever is for you,
You are the sparkle in my eyes, as every day brings a nice surprise,
Just being there as you always are, be it near, or be it far.

If you were to change in anyway,
The dark, would be sure to dull the day,
So please brighten up my every day,
By simply staying, your lovely way.

A Woman's Man

He is the family Superman,
He gives rise to a woman's plan,
She is his Pansy Potter,
He is her Desperate Dan.

She often finds some fault in him,
This she does to keep him in trim,
Yet she loves this Super man,
Once she has him in the can.

No one else may look at him,
For he is her one and only,
She guards him Oh so well,
She really loves him. Ah! that is swell.

Do not doubt her love for him,
For this love is just devout,
She loves him oh so much,
Of this there is no doubt.

She loved him when she met him,
From many years ago,
That is why my friend,
Her heart is all a glow.

Showing Love

To think of love, and show it,
Is so wonderful a feeling,
And when it is returned,
It sets your heart a reeling.

A kiss or two, and a hug,
All add up for the feeling snug.
The loving that you receive,
Comes from me I do believe.

For every day, for all of time,
I shall love you Princess,
For you are wholly mine
Just pure love, and so sublime.

Loving you is all I need to do,
And why may you ask,
Well Darling, for this is true
You are my life, that is why I love you.

Ode To Sweet Love

To love you is just perfect,
'Tis the one and only way,
And the more that I can love you
Simply makes up my every day.

There may be times that you or I
Can only sit, and stare to the sky.
Pondering dreams that are just there
Reflecting love, and loving care.

Hoping that we have a good time,
To say that this is the life, sublime
We ask for a while to share our love
Underneath those stars above.

Knowing there is love like this
And between you and I such loving bliss
Sealed daily with a hug and kiss
The nicest love not to simply miss.

I thank you for the love we share
Plus all other things, like loving care
With this love nothing to spare
For other beings, Well I don't care.

I need no other person as I need you
A perfect love, loving and true
This vow will stay for ever more
You, are the Princess, I adore.

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