Poetry Verse and Rhyme by Poet Terry

Welcome to my original poetry pages. All the works on these pages have been written by myself. The verses on this page have been accepted and published by Poetry.com on their web site as well as some in their book publications. Please enjoy, Poet Terry.

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With great sadness I must inform you that Poet Terry passed away, after a long and painful illness, on Sunday November 30, 2003. He is now at peace, the suffering and pain have gone, and I hope he is in a place of hope and contentment, where he may continue with his love of writing poetry.  Poet Terry's webmaster, Alan Seymour.

Poet Terry Emmins Passed away on Sunday November 30, 2003

Poet Terry penned the following four final pieces before his death, to be published after he passed on...


Funny how time rolls by,
Have you ever wondered why?
And where does it ever really go?
Surely there is someone that must really know.

This I have pondered for some while,
Should we accept and gently smile?
Perhaps, that is how it should be.
And still I wonder why, just what will life bring?

I see only heartache that simply lies ahead.
Then one day all is gone, but another to carry on.
Until one day you are dead and gone, and the only time it will go,
Is when you, my friend, are dead.

Life Is Real

Many hands make light work,
Or so the saying goes.
And the reading of books maketh man,
Plus the wearing of the clothes.
Man must be smart,
And with his brain,
As everybody knows,
Plus a woman to keep them on their toes.
Life is such a funny thing,
We try to get it right,
Yet sometimes it does not happen,
This gives one such a fright.
So take notice of your heart,
And do the things you feel are right.
And then you will understand it all,
That life is very real.

Passing by

I passed by her window,
She was there writing,
So I stopped to stare,
And wondered for who did she care?

Oh how I loved her,
Yet she never knew,
That her loving another,
Made me feel blue.

One day she may learn,
Of these feelings I have,
Sincerely I hope,
Before I go to my grave.

Oh how I love her,
I wish she could tell,
Then things would,
Really be swell.

I passed by her window,
So many more times,
I saw her writing,
Just wondered to who?

Goodbye my Love my Vilie. Peace be with you.

The Ant

An ant has a brain as we all know,
You see it come you see it go,
And there are things about them,
I really wish to know.
Just how far can they see?
Do they ever get really ill?
And if they do, do they have to take a pill?
Have they doctors just like us?
And do their wives make a fuss?

Are there surgeons that stand by to operate?
If there is, then it must be great,
Do their kidneys function well?
And does the heart have a regular beat?
Can they hear a tiny noise?
And can their little ones simply play with toys?
Do they get married in a church?
Are there some who get left in the lurch?
They are strong, and they are bold,
But most of all, do they grow old?

Poet Emmo's last communication to me, his webmaster.

Hi there Alan, I hope that everyone is keeping well, and in good fettle. I thought I should send some more poetry, for you to browse over, and see if and when you get some time spare, you may feel like applying your genius to it.
I do realize that you have so much to do on the web, that is why I am very pleased to leave all of this to your spare time if there is any. So Alan I wish to thank you for the time you give to my poetry, it would be nice if only I knew more about these computers, but I do not, you see some have it, and me I do not. Alan thank you for your time, very much appreciated,

Sincere and kind regards, Terry.


Poetry is a part of history,
Penned in the years gone by,
And still today it is there,
To make you cry, to make you care.

Some poetry is rather deep,
Hard to understand,
Some maybe shallow,
And not so very sound.

But poetry brushes the brow,
Read it right and then know how,
Others in the past have felt,
Even to the old time Celt.

Make poetry a part of your life,
Treat it as a loving wife,
For poetry is always true,
And it will always see you through.

Terry Emmins

Copyright 2003 Terry Emmins


Friends are there for you,
To listen to your woes,
You may grasp my friendship,
In you hand, as everybody knows.

I am always there for you,
That's what friends are for,
So open up to me and find,
I shall never leave you behind.

I will share your life as a friend,
And I mean until the end,
I can alleviate any pain,
It will not return again.

I have loved you as my friend,
And I will until the end,
Please know I am there for you,
As you are there for me too.

Open up that secret heart,
It must not tear us apart,
Your heart is there for inspection,
So let us pull in the right direction.

Terry Emmins

Copyright 2003 Terry Emmins

On Reflection

Now, I shall sit down to cry,
As I sit here and watch the world go by.
The reflections inside my head
May be strange, as is often said.

Why must people be this way
And treat others as predators treat prey?
Instilling ideas in your head,
Until the heart has finally bled.

The anguish and the heart felt pain,
Appears time and time again.
You try to let this pass by,
Find you can't, then wonder just why.

Time to sit and just reflect,
Could be the answer, I suspect.
But after all, if there is still pain,
Time to sit and reflect again.

Terry Emmins

Copyright 2003 Terry Emmins


When at peace with the night,
Stars above in the sky, so right,
Wondering if aliens do exist,
Not just a wonderment of mist.

Many stars are there to see,
Many people just like me,
Also wondering about life,
Plus at your side, peace, no strife.

Together sitting, wondering,
Staring into the great beyond,
Thinking that life itself,
May soon be gone

Terry Emmins

Copyright 2003 Terry Emmins


Looking at the realm of the animal,
I find pure dignity and grace,
I would prefer to be an animal,
For I dislike the human race.

The animal will only kill when the need,
The human not only does he kill,
He also wallows in downright greed,
So why a human overspill?

If I could rid the world of greed,
And the starving I could feed,
Possibly with a smiling face,
Then I would like the human race.

Terry Emmins

Copyright 2003 Terry Emmins

Maybe Peace

The day is coming to an end,
Evening time arriving very fast,
So go to sleep and dream my friend,
Of pleasant things, not old and bad.

And in the morn awake refreshed,
Find a safe haven no distress,
Lend life a hand and you will smile,
And make that journey a shorter mile.

Merely help those who you can,
Give a meaning to life's plan,
Do not stop to deliberate,
Then you will notice life is great.

So wend your way through day and night,
Try to keep that balance right,
Live each day to the full,
Make that my friend, your golden rule.

Terry Emmins

Copyright 2003 Terry Emmins


Stillness Of The Night

In the stillness of night, my best work is done,
The finest time to do it, rather than the morning sun,
For when all is hot and sticky, things are never right,
That my friend, is why I do my work at night.

I can keep a clear head, when all is so very quiet,
Thus giving my all to everyone, this really must be right,
If I am left to do my thing, I can be a friendly soul,
That is why I work at night, silent as a mole.

The enjoyment that is derived, from the coolness at night,
This really satisfies me so, it never is a fight,
It never is a struggle, just perfect without plight,
So I shall keep working, during the stillness of the night.

Terry Emmins

Copyright 2003 Terry Emmins

The Jack

A man walked his dog each day,
He walked it in a special way,
The dog had boots to wear,
So he really did not care.

If it rained or there was snow,
This dog did not mind where he did go,
He was very warm and content,
For that was not all the man had spent.

He bought a coat for the dogs back,
And all things special for his Jack,
He tended to his friend the pet,
For to the man he was the best dog yet.

Many years came and past,
Until the dog died at last,
And to man the years go faster,
In doggy heaven, Jack awaits his master.

Terry Emmins

Copyright 2003 Terry Emmins

To The Unknown

Each step you take, one day at a time,
Brings about in life, the reason and the rhyme,
You are always giving pleasure, no matter what you do,
And that is why my gorgeous person, everyone loves you.

Terry Emmins

Copyright 2003 Terry Emmins

What Are You Missing?

Hurrying scurrying, heads just hanging very low,
No expression on their face, as of to work they go,
Life appears to pass them by,
Interest in life none, it perturbs me, and I wonder why.

Are they morons, or are they alive
Just as of bees around a hive.
Perhaps not, but they do need to live,
And through their lives, they need to give.

Please people awake and see,
There is a world, for you and me,
Don't hurry or scurry, lead life in ease,
Do things worthwhile, and things that please.

Terry Emmins

Copyright 2003 Terry Emmins

Far Away

I am far away from you, my dear,
Although I would prefer near;
More closer than the eye can see,
Just tightly welded, you and me.

Why must the world be so cruel
And make me such an utter fool.
The lesson I ought to have learned
I did not, so got my fingers burned.

I hope that things are not too late
Now that I have you as my mate,
And, Darling, this is for you to know:
I love you more and rightly so.

We may be miles and miles apart,
But still the love is in my heart,
And, finally, I have to say,
Darling, I miss you more each day.

Terry Emmins

Copyright 2003 Terry Emmins

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