Inspirational Poems by Poet Terry Emmins

Here is some of my inspirational poetry for your enjoyment. This page is dedicated to the memory of my Mother, The Duchess.  Love and understanding, Poet Terry.

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With great sadness I must inform you that Poet Terry passed away, after a long and painful illness, on Sunday November 30, 2003. He is now at peace, the suffering and pain have gone, and I hope he is in a place of hope and contentment, where he may continue with his love of writing poetry.  Poet Terry's webmaster, Alan Seymour.

The Duchess

Of slight build, and normal height, this son of hers found her alright,
Although it was hard to show her how I felt, for I was a downright heel,
But loved her indeed I did, from when I was just that little kid,
Yet circumstances got in the way, never gave me the time.

To tell her how I loved her, for whatever reason or rhyme,
She worked her butt of every day, to put food upon the table,
Oh yes I done little things, when and where I was able,
Providing I found time.

I never called her Mother, like other children do,
My name for this loving Lady,
Was Duchess that is true,
And never shall I forget her.

She sometimes had a temper, maybe I would get a whack,
But as many children did, I never once hit back,
Yes I loved this Duchess, far beyond compare,
Though she has long demised.

When I feel low and unhappy, I know that she is there,
She looks down from heaven, when I am anywhere,
Sends the loving that she always gave to me,
So God please keep her safe, just unto thee.

Life Given

Life is given for a while,
We keep life in custody,
Until the sentence,
Has come to pass.

Life's creation is our burden,
We are the guardians of life,
Sometimes we hurt and cry,
And other times we smile as it goes by.

What would be a humans worth,
Without this thing called life on earth?
No learning no interest,
Life unlived, not the best.

To have lived, to have loved,
Wondrous feelings filled with love,
Sometimes spiteful, sometimes sad,
You are alive my friend be glad.

The Need For Prayer

We all need to say a prayer,
Every one everywhere,
The trials we face each day,
Gives us that reason to pray.

We all tend to sin and such,
We need God as our crutch,
Look around then you will see,
People worse of than thee.

So change your life around,
Lift your eyes from the ground,
A second change He will give,
So you are able to really live.

Put your hands together,
Say that little prayer,
Show the world you are happy,
And how much you care.

Say a prayer for Jesus,
Open up your heart,
He will stand beside you,
He will not ever depart.

To My Friend

How do you view a friendship?
How do you explain?
That rapport there is in the fore.
Like others that have passed before.
What kind of value could you put on that?
It is far beyond the norm.
As friends can face any storm.
So lift your spirits high my friend.
A friendship made until the end.

Easter Time

Easter rabbits with hats and bows,
Loving Easter as everyone knows,
On parade with eggs and chicks,
No wonder that is why people pick,
This time of year to emit love,
And give all to God above.
He gave his life that we may live,
There is nothing stronger he could give.
This is love in its true form,
Keeping people he loves from harm,
Please spare a thought for others too,
Truly is the thing to do.
Be thankful you are alive,
For through the Lord you survive.


By a lake, a willow tree,
Also there a seat for me,
A shady spot to sit and read,
While watching the world and taking heed.

The world goes by day by day,
There really is no other way,
Life's pleasantries are always there,
Live life wisely, show that you care.

The world keeps turning, never stops,
Bringing all the seasons and rain drops,
Tides keep turning, moon abounds,
Seasons come with sights and sounds.

They all pass by on their way,
To travel round then to return,
Like a spaceship on an orbit burn,
Look to the heaven and find the way.


The whole world has gone crazy,
Arguments and war leaving one's brain hazy,
Why should people have this pain,
Time and Time and more again?

Were we born to always fight,
Trying hard to show some might?
We do not need all this pain,
For most of all there is no gain.

Of Life

Nice things that are all around,
Birds and Flowers which abound,
All come to give us,
That special way we live.

Waking up as each day does dawn,
Gives to us a pleasant morn,
Working hard throughout the day,
Surely this should be the way.

Light Of Life

A light that shines, shows us the way,
How we need that light each day.
We need the guidance that it brings,
And of course all those other things.

Like praying and having faith in life,
Working hard and fighting off all the various strife.
To be God fearing, try not to commit sin and such,
I feel that is what we all need very much.

So shine a light and show the way,
Help other people every day.
Be staunch and proud, by being true,
Then other people will look up to you.

A Wee Bit Of Sleep

Now this old mongoose really thinks
At this stage in life, he needs forty winks
But there again, just normal rest,
For I am sure that is the best.

Yes I shall try to get that sleep,
And pray to God, my soul to keep
Then I could wake up feeling fine
Like a bottle of vintage wine.

Sparkling and bubbly so to speak
Feeling good, and at my peak,
With body good, and full of zest
then I shall really know what is best.

Yes sleep is a real good thing,
It rests you well, plus gives one zing
For an alarm there is no need
So get some sleep, just take heed.


Looking at the realm of the animal,
I find pure dignity and grace,
I would prefer to be an animal,
For I dislike the human race.

The animal will only kill when the need,
The human not only does he kill,
He also wallows in downright greed,
So why a human overspill.

If I could rid the world of greed,
And the starving I could feed,
Possibly with a smiling face,
Then I would like the human race.


Is there a reason for how you feel?
Is there a reason for being ill?
Is there a reason for so much strife?
Is there a reason for a normal life?

Is there a reason?


After rain come rainbows,
To brighten up the sky.
Answer me this question,
Have you ever wondered why?

After storm there is the calm,
Do you wonder why?
These things can cause harm,
Like lightening in the sky.

Nature can be marvelous,
Do you wonder why?
And people can be frivolous,
With the bye and bye.

We all take things for granted,
Which we never ought to do.
And those things we take for granted,
Are part of life for me and you.

What Are You Missing?

Hurrying scurrying, heads just hanging very low,
No expression on their face, as of to work they go,
Life appears to pass them by,
Interest in life none, it perturbs me, and I wonder why.

Are they morons, or are they alive
Just as of bees around a hive.
Perhaps not, but they do need to live,
And through their lives, they need to give.

Please people awake and see,
There is a world, for you and me,
Don't hurry or scurry, lead life in ease,
Do things worthwhile, and things that please.

Retired And Watching

Now that I am retired,
I watch the world go by,
And I see very many things,
And find there are some I really want to try.

I would like to bathe an Elephant,
Maybe ride a Kangaroo,
Jump from an airplane,
Among some things I would like to do.

There is no limit to things out there,
Things to do and things to share,
Life can be enjoyed by one and all,
So get out there and have a ball.

Enjoy your life to the full,
Make this a simple kind of rule,
For once you are dead and gone,
You are not there to carry on.

Get off of your butt,
And out of that rut,
Leave no money to the kid,
This is what many have done and did.

Spend your money as you go,
For tomorrow may never come,
Don't save for that rainy day,
For there is mostly sun.

Observe life as it really is,
Watch the heartache and the pain,
Steer clear of this my friend,
And then you will have a very happy end.

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